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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Infortmation about the Stockman and Dakota Beef Demo tomorrow

In case if you are thinking about making a steak-related recipe this weekend (such as barbecue steaks), tomorrow I will be conducting a demo at the Clearview Albertsons (near Snohomish).  Unfortunately, the event will not be a food sampling event, but it will be more of an educational event, where I will be giving out recipe booklets and coupons about the featured beef, so if you are looking for some appetizing steak recipies to make, you are welcome to stop by at the Albertsons store in Snohomish (Clearview) and pick up a brochure and coupons.  The Event will run from 10:00 to 4:00.
Perfect Steak(picture found on flickr, posted by yongfook)

Features about Stockman and Dakota Dry Beef (based on the event manuel)
  • It is hand trimmed and is considered the USDAChoice Premium Angus Beef
  • Tender and Juicy
  • Resturant style, and is Angus beef
  • It is supposed to be very flavorful with every bite
  • Naturally aged for tenderness
Event features:
  • 300 coupons to distribute ($2 off coupons)
  • 300 brochures that talk about Stockman and Dakota Dry Beef
  • It will be hosted in the meat department
  • non-sampling event
  • note: I will be doing a similar event on Sunday at the Lake Stevens Albertsons store

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