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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Welcome to Ryan's Store Demo official blog. 
Part time worker serving Albertsons, QFC, and sometimes Walmart stores in the greater Seattle Area

Hello, my name is Ryan Jones and in addition to my jobs at Kohls, Snohomish Publishing, as well as my affiliate marketing stuff (such as running an ebook store website at http://www.snohomish-ebook-store.net/ as well as an Xbox 360 fan site at http://www.xboxfreak.ws/), I also do demos part time serving two different companies: New Concepts in Marketing (they serve Walmart, QFC, and other Kroger stores) and Advantage Marketing (primarly Supervalu stores like Albertsons).  I usually do food sampling events (yesturday I gave out samples of Wheaties Fuel and chocolate fiber one bars), though sometimes I promote non food products as well, such as the Green Genius trash bags event at the QFC store in the University District a few months ago.

In this blog, I will share my experiences with demos, talk about upcoming events, talk about some of the products I promote, and more.  Eventually I plan to build an official website, but a blog will do for now.

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