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Monday, May 31, 2010

Product Spotlights for Sunday May 30

I do have several demos coming up this week, and here is info for each of them.

Product 1- Scrubbling Bubbles Power Sprayer Extend a Clean (demoed on May 30, 2010, gave out $3 off coupons).

This is a realatively new device from Scrubbing bubbles.

  • Power Sprayer
  • Forms an invisible barrier that is activated each time the sink tile, chrome, or glass is wet.
  • Works to keep bathroom surfaces cleaner
  • Effects are supposed to last for up to 4 days between uses
  • comes with a starter and a refill.
  • reusable trigger
  • Provides a continuous stream of cleaner to provide better coverage while reducing stress on the trigger hand
  • The formula contains a polymer that "sheets out" creating a thin film that washes the dirt away.
Product 2 - Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

  • Uses the dispenser to stamp gel disk into the outside of the toilet bowl.
  • Hands free (can be useful if you don't like to scrub the toilet with a brush)
  • Great for hygine
  • Cleans and rfeshens with every flush
  • Each disc lasts up to one week
Product 3 - Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner, 25-oz. Aerosol Cans
Product Features
  • Cleans and sanitizes all bathroom surfaces (can be useful if you are a custodian for example)
  • Kills 99% of the bacteria it touches
  • Kills odor causing bacteria (such as molds)
  • Can get at hard to reach places, and eliminates soap scum, water stains, as well as dirt
Product 4 - Windex(R) Glass Cleaner, 32 Oz. Spray Bottle

  • Trusted by generations of consumers for its streak free shine
  • Has Ammonia D
  • Works on dirt before you wipe it
  • Can be useful when cleaning glass, marble,granite, windows, mirrors, tiles (such as counter tops), plastic, monitors, as well as TV screens

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