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Monday, May 17, 2010

Upcoming demos for the week of May 17 to May 23

Here are the upcoming reviews for this week:
Advantage Marketing Demos
Thursday 5/20/10 - GRO-OOB Stockman & Dakota Dry Beef Event at the Snohomish Albertsons store (near Clearview).  The demo will run from 9 am to 3pm.  This will be a non-cooking demo (unfortunately the instructions do not call for me to cook steak).  Instead it will be more of a educatioal event (though I will have coupons and brochures to distribute).  There might be some meet to sample in the meat deparment though.
(no picture available for the event)

Sunday 5/23/10 - Stockman and Dakota Dry Beef - Lake Stevens Albertsons
I will pretty much be doing the same thing as the one on Thursday.  Talking about the Stockman and Dakota dry beef.  If you are thinking about having steak for dinner on Sunday, be sure to check out the demo event.

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