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Friday, July 9, 2010

Changes for the Starbucks demo tomorrow

Assuming you all read my last few posts, you know I was scheduled to promote the Starbucks VIA ready brew at the Albertsons stores in Clearview, WA (just south of Snohomish) today as well as the Albertsons store in Monroe tomorrow.  Today's demo was a little rough draft for the demo tomorrow.  While I did generate some leads, I think there will be some things I will do differently for tomorrow.

1. Using a coffee maker instead of the microwave as listed in the event manuel. Instead of using a Microwave and Carafe to heat up the water, I will just bring a coffee maker instead and brew hot water that way.  I might also mix some of the coffee into the hot water that way as well (I will try not to make it too strong).  I tried using a microwave today, but the caraffe would not fit into the microwave and so I had to use measuring cups instead (heated up water in a liquid measuring cup I borrowed from the bakery department and poured it into the caraffe).  Later, on in the demo I tried using the coffee maker in the deli to brew hot water, but I had a little mishap as it starting brewing as I was pouring water in it, even though it was not yet set to brew.  Bringing a coffee maker should address that problem tomorrow.

2. Looking into the feasibility of making iced coffee.  One of the complaints I got about today's demo was that the coffee should be iced since it was a hot summer day today.  The event manuel did not call for making iced coffee, but I will see what I can do for tomorrow, depending on consumer traffic and interest levels tomorrow.  I can't make any promises about this, but I will see what I can do.

3. Pouring coffee packets in the coffee pitcher.  Will make it easier for customers to help themselves to the coffee.

4. Passing out extra coffee packets during the last hour of my demo.  I tried that a little today and seemed to be popular among customers.  I might also let people opt to taking one of the sample packets to use later.

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