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Friday, July 2, 2010

Sun Butter anyone?

Today I was given an interesting product to promote at the QFC store off of SR 99 near Lynnwood: Sun Butter.  I would have talked about it earlier, but I was on vacation until yesterday (went to Priest Lake, Idaho) and so I was not able to announce the demo earlier.  Anyways, here are my thoughts about the product.

Sun butter is basically like peanut butter, but is made with sunflower seeds.  BTW, sun butter is not the only "peanut butter" product that is not made with peanuts, as there are similar butters with almonds, coconuts (saw one at the store today), walnuts, etc. 

Positive aspects about the product
  • tastes like peanut butter
  • is said to be healthier than peanut butter, which can be nice for people looking for diet foods
  • can be a good substitute for people allergic to peanuts (though it does contain soy beans)
  • can be good with sandwiches, etc
  • Can be popular for people who like sun flower seeds
Negative aspects
  • People did not seem to be as wild about sun butter as they are about peanut butter (based on what I saw at the QFC I was demoing it at).
  • Does have an acquired taste (people used to peanut butter will have to get used to sun butter to like it).
  • Tastes better when served with something (like bread, crackers, etc).  I had to just let people sample the product straight up and they thought that it would have been better when offered with something.
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Nutella can be popular among kids and can be a dessert item.  It is made with chocolate, milk and hazelnuts.  BTW, I demoed this product several months back at a QFC store near Redmond (near Overlake Church)

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