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Thursday, July 8, 2010

This week's featured product: The Star Bucks VIA Ready Brew

If you are a starbucks coffee lover, you will love two of the demos I am scheduled to do this weekend (see previous post for dates and times)

Watch Starbuck's official commercial for the beverage:

Starbucks ready brew is Starbuck's answer to Foldiers Instant coffee.  Usually when having coffee, you have to use a coffee maker or espresso machine (a must have if you are looking to make Starbucks style lattes, mochas, etc) to brew coffee. 

Product Features (according to the sales letter I got)
  • Rich, aromic instant coffee that tastes like a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee with aroma, body and flavor that you would expect at Starbucks (btw, there is a Starbucks coffee shop right by both Albertsons stores I am scheduled to work at).
  • 100% natural roasted coffee, and is not supposed to have any byproducts or chemicals
  • With Starbucks VIA ready brew, all you have to do is add hot water to brew delicious Starbucks coffee in your own cup any time, any where.  This can be useful for those of you who are "on the go".  Instead of having to brew coffee (which can take a little while), all you have to do is pop hot water in the microwave, add the instant coffee mix to it, add cream and sugar (if you want) and it is ready to go.
Personal thoughts about Starbucks VIA ready brew

Personally, I usually don't drink instant coffee (have both a coffee maker and espresso machine at home), but Starbuck VIA ready brew is bound to attract loyal customers who recognize the Starbucks brand.  I do happen to live in the Seattle area, and if you are familiar with Seattle, you should probably know by now coffee is a huge business here in Seattle (if you want to check and be sure, just got to just about any town center within 30 miles or so of Seattle, especially in the downtown area and you will find Starbucks, Tullies, as well as many other coffee shops and espresso stands around the area, and you will see what I mean, even McDonalds has joined in the coffee shop business as of 2008).  If you need a quick caffine boost or need to perk up, feel free to come by any participating Albertsons stores to get a free sample of the Starbucks Ready Brew samples.

Demo Features:
  • giving free samples of Starbucks VIA Italian Roast and Starbucks VIA Columbia flavors
  • giving out coupons (btw, Albertsons does have a rewards card program, similar to that of Safeway and QFC, and so Albertsons card holders can save a little extra on the featured products)
  • Giving out recipe cards
Be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming demos.  BTW, if there is a specific product you want featured, feel free to let me know and I will suggest it to my scheduler.

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