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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Featured product of the week: The Black Grape Energy drink (online only)

picture of the black grape storefront I have, which you can check out at http://blackgrapehealth.com/Ryansjones/index.php
I thought that I would share with you a new energy drink that I have been given to promote.  I've joined the Black Grape MLM recently (it is actually a free multilevel marketing firm that you can join through peoplestring at http://www.peoplestring.com/?u=ryansjones), which is a company that sells the black grape energy drink.

Product Features
  • it is supposed to be good for metabolism
  • it is an energy drink with caffine and all (the caffine is the same ammount as premium coffee, such as a latte)
  • Power of Resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant produced by plants to attack pathogens, foreign bacteria and environmental stresses. Some of the richest sources of Resveratrol are the skins of red or dark grapes and Japanese Knotweed. Independent researchers have found that Resveratrol protects cells from free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagen. Recent studies suggest Resveratrol improves performance of the brain and heart, and promotes cellular longevity. Many nutritionists and health professionals encourage those with poor immune systems or those recovering from illness to consume foods with Resveratrol. As an entirely natural plant compound, it is a perfectly safe addition to any healthy diet. 
  • it is also supposed to be good for dealing with cravings.
I am not going to get into all of the details of the products, but you are welcome to check it out.  If you like energy drinks (such as a monster, rockstar, etc) you might want to try the black grape energy drink.  Note: this product is only available online, so if you want one, you will need to visit their website at http://blackgrapehealth.com/Ryansjones/index.php

Videos about Black Grape- watch an official review about the product posted by MiSZCaMBoDiA

Have any comments or testimonials about black grape?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  You can post them in the comments section.

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