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Saturday, August 14, 2010

100% FREE Income Opportunity: Black Grape

Overview of the opportunity
Despite the weak economy here in America along with the unusually high unemployment rates, there are plenty of 100% legitimate opportunities for you to take advantage of both online and offline.  Sure there are going to be some scams going around, but did you know that there are actually legitimate companies both online and offline that are willing to pay you to promote their products?  For example, if you are familiar with Google, you would know that you can literally make money from them by joining their adsense program, posting google adsense ads on your site and earn money whenever people click on those ads (if you are not familiar with what they look like, just look at the layout tabs on the left side of the of this blog, and look for "ads by google").  There are also plenty of ad networks that you can join (such as Linkshare, Clickbank, and even http://www.amazon.com/) and earn money simpily by referring leads and customers to the the companies you want to promote.  For example, with Amazon.com, you could write favorable reviews of the Xbox 360 and whenever people buy the Xbox 360 from Amazon's site using your referral link that they give you, you would make a 15% commission off of that sale (so if the Xbox 360 was selling for $150 per unit, you would make $22.50 per sale), same goes for game reviews (I have posted a bunch myself, see my Xbox 360 fan site for some of the reviews I posted, see link above).  There are also tiered affiliate programs (also known as multilevel marketing) that you can not only earn money off of what you sell, but you can also recruit sub affiliates (or downline members) and earn money both off of what you sell and what they sell too (can be great if you want to team up with somebody to start an online business and sell cool products).  Normally, mlm opportunities cost money to join (some are cheaper to join than others, such as the increasingly popular web hosting company, Global Domains International, while others might require you to invest considerably more to join).  One opportunity I stumbled across on that is 100% free to join and that you might want to consider is an opportunity called, Black Grape.  It is a free network marketing firm that sells an energy drink called, Black Grape   
Watch a brief youtube video that explains the opportunity here, posted on youtube, explains the opportunity in full detail:

Summarized information about this opporunity
Sign up is 100% free and basically you will be making money selling an energy drink product called, Black Grape.  It is similar to other energy drinks (such as Rockstar, Monster, etc) but is sold directly to consumers at this time (both online and offline).  For more info about the drinks, I will give you the links to their website that talks about it.  Should be self explanatory:

Benefits about this opportunity:
  • no investment required (all you really need is a website or blog to promote with)
  • not a get rich quick scheme
  • not a typical mlm opportunity that requires you to invest extra money just to join in on the opportunity (as many similar opportunities do, such as herbalife, alive max, vemma builder, xango, etc)
  • Can be a good first time network marketing opportunity for people wanting to get their feet wet in the network markeing business without having to invest lots of money (takes the risk out of the business too).
  • Can be easy money if your sites get lots of traffic as well as people familiar with affiliate programs
  • Good for college students looking to save extra money for college (such as tuition, text books, and other expenses)
  • Can be a good opportunity for people looking for a job, especially if any of you have a good sales background (this is a commission based opportunity after all)
  • Good way to make money if you are either a webmaster or blogger
  • the downline system makes it easy for you to team up with others to promote a common product or service (for example, if you want to start a business with your friends, you can join black grape which is free to join, encourage your friends to join as well and work together making money selling energy drinks).
 People who might be interested in this drink:

  • teenagers and young adults

  • people who love coffee

  • people wanting a caffine boost

  • soda drinkers

  • athletes who need a boost in their performance

  • people who are sleepy

  • thirsty people in general (for example, you could host drink sampling events in various locations where permissable, such at grocery stores with permission, a farmer's market, etc)
Compensation Plan

  • Earn $3 commissions per pack you sell.  So, if you sold 10 packs a day, you would be making $30 per day from your sales alone (obviously the actual figures will vary based on how many you sell each day). 

  • Whenever you recruit sub affiliates (up to 6 levels deep), you will make $.25 per sale they generate

  • You also make money on the People String social networking site whenever people sign up under you as this opportunity is only available to people string members (note: they have to activate the cashbox-mailbox feature for the referral fees to credit).  So if you had 30 downline members and they each sold at least 1 energy drink per day, you would be making at least $7.50 extra each day (the actual figure will vary depending on how active they are, how many they are able to sell each day, whether they too have downline members, etc)

  • Optional: they do offer upgraded memberships with bigger commissions per sale "entreprenuer members" make $9 per sale, $3.50 per sale that their 1st level sub affiliates generate, and $1.50 per sale that the 2nd-6th level downline members generate (though you will probably want to get a good conversion rate going as a free member before upgrading, such as earning at least $400 per month or more since upgraded memberships are not cheap).

  • Exclusive to my network only: I will pay you a $.25 bonus via paypal when you generate your first sale (I will have to verify it for credit of course), $1 per every 10 sales you generate (payable when the commission checks come in), and $10 per every 100 sales you generate (payable when the commission checks come in).  To qualify, you will 1) need to be in my network or my downline's network (this will be void if you join someone else's network), and 2) the bonuses are only good when the requirements are met.  Note: in case of chargebacks (for example someone returns the product for a refund to Black Grape), they will come out of your share of the commissions (since refunds usually come out of our comissions), same goes in the case of termination (for example you violate their policies and they terminate you).
How to join:

  1.  Attractive profile (makes it easier for you to brand yourself).

  2. Activate the cashbox inbox feature (there should be a link for that in your back office area after you log in)

  3. Once you do that, you should find a link for your black grape storefront, which should take you to a page like this at http://peoplestring.com/blackgrape/ 

  4. You can click on your storefront link to visit your custom storefront page the Black Grape website.
    (picture of the link)

  5. You are all set to promote.  You might want to visit your custom storefront page to learn about the product.  Also, you will want to copy the affiliate links and post them somewhere (like on your website, blog, etc) and start generating traffic to your links (will require you to actively market your site).  You can also promote offline too (such as distributing flyers, doing sampling events, door to door sales, etc).

  6. Whenever you generate a sale, you will make $3, so if you sold 10 of them, you would make $30.

  7. You can also recruit sub affiliates the same way, and earn $.25 per sub affiliates' sales as well, up to 6 levels deep. 

Requirements of joining- obviously this opportunity is not going to be everyone, here are some requirements and qualifications
must be self motivated

  • should be comfortable with commission based systems

  • some experience with affiliate programs can be helpful

  • must be comfortable about working on a commission based setting

  • It can be useful to have some sales/marketing experience

  • web design skills (especially if you plan to promote online).  If you are new to HTML, you can also use an html editor like Site Builder to help build your site.  By the way, Ken Evoy's Site Build it is a popular tool for new affiliate marketers as they specialize in helping new affiliates make effective affiliate websites.  By the way, you can also create a blog, but you will need to make sure your blog host allows affiliate links on your blog (the only free blogging services I am aware of that allow affiliate links are Blogspot and i.blog.at (which is only available to Viral Networks members).  

  • You will need to set aside time to promote each week (the ideal would be at least 10 hours per week)

  • You will need a marketing plan (how are you going to promote?).  Do you plan to advertise online?  Offline?  Do door to door sales (you might need a business or solicitor license if you do door to door sales by the way), offer samples at grocery stores or fairs (you will need to have permission from the store managers of course before doing that)?  How you promote is up to you.  You can also do paid advertising (such as google adwords), but it will cost money to do so (regardless if you get results or not).  If you use traffic exchanges, you will probably want to surf often and create a catchy splash page to promote

  • Good writing skills too (especially if you plan to promote online), since you will need to give people reasons to buy the product or join your network (especially if you post on classified ads directories like Craigslist).
Things you will need

  • A website or blog (you can actually build a website for really cheap at Global Domains International, by the way)

  • Promotional resources (such as traffic exchanges, business social networks, social networking sites, and twitter).

  • Some money to invest (especially if you plan to do paid advertising, get tools like ebooks, upgrade your membership at people string, as well as email marketing software like Aweber)

  • People to market to (by the way, if you are having trouble marketing online, you might consider marketing offline too as marketing online can be tricky, especially with the fierce competition out there, the fact that you can't directly promote on social networking sites without being labled as a "spammer", as well as other obstacles to promoting online).
Ways you can promote black grape:

  • building a website about the black grape (or energy drinks in general)

  • If you have tried the black grape energy drink, you can write a review about the product (three places where you can do that are on your blog/website, squidoo or hub pages).

  • post relevant articles on article submission directories, such as ezine articles

  • ppc advertising

  • recruit sub affiliates to help you promote the product

  • offline promotions, such as door to door sales, word of mouth, setting up stands in malls, fairs, etc, posting fliers at high traffic locations, and so fourth.

  • Do food sampling events selling the drinks (you will have to buy some, but if people like it, they might buy from you).
Disclaimers about the opportunity:

  •  Obviously, I can't guarantee you will make money with this opportunity.  After all, it is commission based, and so you only make money off of what you sell.  If you are looking for a regular by the hour job, then this opportunity is not for you.  With Black Grape, how much you will earn depends on 1) your ability to sell the product, 2) traffic volumes to your links, 3) your conversion rate (how many people are buying from you), 4) how active you are at promoting (for example, if you join and go inactive, then you will probably not make money), 5) as well as interest levels in your clients. By the way, there are some opportunities out there that don't require you to sell stuff, such as Microworkers (which is a freelance work network where you get paid to complete tasks for fellow members, such as signing up for someone's list, digging articles, commenting on youtube videos, becoming a fan of various pages on facebook, joining a forum, posting links or articles, etc).   
Tips for this opportunity:

  • you should familiarize yourself with the products

  • if you have a website or blog, you might consider offering competitor's products as well (for example, at Amazon.com's affiliate program, you can post referral links for similar products, such as monster energy drinks, rockstars, etc).

  • Getting massive traffic to your links will be a must, so you should be actively promoting them.  If you don't have the time to promote, then you might consider using paid advertising (gives you easy hits) if you have the extra money.

  • Getting comments and testimonials from people

  • You can recruit people to promote

  • You might consider offering incentives for people to buy or join your network (such as cashback offers)

  • You could post video blogs about the products.

  • Try to set aside at least 10 hours a week for promoting this product as well as recruiting active downline members.

Don't be a quitter.  A nice thing about a free opportunity like this one is that you do not have anything to lose if you don't make anything right away. 
 Have any questions, comments, testimonials or concerns?  Either PM me or comment on this post.

Resources you can take advantage of:
  • Traffic exchanges like Easy Hits 4 U (pm me for a full list of traffic exchanges I use).  Note: if you have google adsense on your site, it is advised that you do not promote it directly, so you may want to create a splash page instead (easy hits 4 u has a nifty splash page editor you can take advantage of).  Squeeze Pages can also work as well too, especially if you want to build an email list for your business
  • Social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and twitter (be careful not to promote directly as you might get labeled as a "spammer" that way). 
  • Ebooks (you can get a full list of them at my ebook storefront page at http://cbproads.com/clickbankstorefront/theme1/browse.asp?sc=21)

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