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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official Review of the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

This week, I am scheduled to do the Starbuck VIA Ready Brew demo again and I thought that I would go ahead and give a detailed review about the product.

Besides demoing the product, I have gotten some for myself and I think that if you are into strong starbucks style coffee you will probably like the Starbucks Ready Brew.

What I liked about the Starbucks VIA Ready brew:
  • - Easy to make (saves you from having to brew coffee in the morning, which can be especially good if you are on the go).
  • - Tastes almost like an Americano at Starbucks (espresso like). 
  • - Gives a good jolt of caffine (can be useful if you are trying to perk up, such as while on break at work).
  • - Does not require a coffee maker.  Can be useful for those of you who want to make coffee without having to buy a coffee maker.
  • You control how strong the coffee is (the more via ready brew beans you add, the stronger the coffee will be).
  • Can be made with both hot water and cold water.
  • Useful for making smoothies and frappaccinos.
  • Has better taste than typical instant coffee brands (such as Foldiers, Maxwell house, etc). 
Things I don't like about the ready brew:
  • It is not exactly the same as brewed coffee.
  • The coffee can either be too strong or too weak depend on how many coffee bean packets you use.  The recommended serving is one pack per every 8 oz
  • It can taste like straight up espresso (especially if you use a full packet in a 4oz cup), so if you don't like really strong coffee, you might want to be mindful of that.
Well that is all for the review, and if you want some, there are plenty of places where you can get it (Amazon has a huge collection of them for example).  Also, I will be demoing the coffee at the Albertsons in Monroe, WA tomorrow, so be sure to stop on by between 10:30 am and 4:30pm if you want some. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Alaskan Malamutes Playing

I think it is time for another husky/malamute related video. Besides golden retrievers, I think Malamutes and Huskies are my other favorite breeds and so I will probably post youtube videos on them periodically (hey, we all have our favorite breeds don't we). BTW, if you have a favorite dog breed that you want to add to this blog, feel free to contribute. PM me if interested

Have a demo you want to share? I'd love to post it

Attention readers: do you have a demo you want to share?  Are you a product demonstrator and want to get word out of an upcoming demo you are doing (I don't care which stores you do)?  How about festivals, sampling events, fairs, etc?  Whatever the events are, if there are any demos coming up you want to get word out about, I'd be happy to post it here.  Send me a PM if you are interested.

Suggested format for posting:
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location of the demo (store name, city, address, etc):
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Cost of attending (if applicable)

Posting guidelines:
  • posts must be relevant to this topic
  • I do need details about the event, such as your name, what the event is, where the event will be hosted, etc, lack of info could result in a lag in attendence.
  • No illegal events (such as illegal gambling, crime sprees, etc)
  • The events should be public events (such as sampling events at grocery stores, church events, etc).  Private events will not be posted (unless if you want strangers showing up of course).
  • If the event costs money to attend, you will need to disclose that.
Optional: want to help support this blog?  Here are ways to help:
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Demos for this weekend (September 18-19)

Yeah, I know, it has been a while since this blog was updated. Anyways, I thought that I would fill you all in on the latest upcoming demos this weekend.

First I had a demo today at the Albertsons store in Monroe, selling the Cinnabon Pancakes by Kellog as well as the new Eggo's Breakfast Pizzas. Tomorrow and Sunday, both NCIM and Advantage Sales and Marketing has me scheduled for demos selling different products: namely Cascade Ice, Cinnabon Pancakes, Eggo's Breakfast Pizzas as well as the Starbucks ready brew. Ideally, NCIM wants me to work at QFC from 11am to 5pm and Advantage wants me to work at Albertsons from 12:30p to 6:30pm, but obviously, I can't be at 2 places at once, and so here is going to be the schedule for this weekend:
Saturday -

11:00 to 5 pm - Cascade Ice at the QFC in Mill Creek

6pm to Midnight: Cinnabon Pancakes and Eggo's Breakfast Pizzas at the Albertons in Clearview, WA


11:00 to 5 pm - Cascade ice in Mill Creek

6pm to Midnight - Starbucks via Ready Brew (will probably just give out packets instead of making coffee)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Upcoming demo: Sierra Mist

If you like refreshing soda, you might like this weekend's demos, as I will be giving out free samples of Sierra Mist

I am sure you are familiar with Sierra Mist and so I will not really need to go over the details given to me by the sales letter given to me by New Concepts in Marketing (yes, I still do demos with NCIM occasionally, though not as often as I do via Advantage).  Sierra mist is alot like 7up except that it has a slightly stronger lemon lime flavor.  Anyways, I willl be demoing thsese at the QFC stores near Northgate (off of Roosevelt Way) and in Lake City this weekend.  Hope to see you there.

 By the way, please be sure to comment about this product.