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Friday, September 17, 2010

Have a demo you want to share? I'd love to post it

Attention readers: do you have a demo you want to share?  Are you a product demonstrator and want to get word out of an upcoming demo you are doing (I don't care which stores you do)?  How about festivals, sampling events, fairs, etc?  Whatever the events are, if there are any demos coming up you want to get word out about, I'd be happy to post it here.  Send me a PM if you are interested.

Suggested format for posting:
Your name:
email address (optional)
Event name:
event details (what is the event about):
location of the demo (store name, city, address, etc):
State of the demo (if outside of Washington State)
Country (if outside United States)
Cost of attending (if applicable)

Posting guidelines:
  • posts must be relevant to this topic
  • I do need details about the event, such as your name, what the event is, where the event will be hosted, etc, lack of info could result in a lag in attendence.
  • No illegal events (such as illegal gambling, crime sprees, etc)
  • The events should be public events (such as sampling events at grocery stores, church events, etc).  Private events will not be posted (unless if you want strangers showing up of course).
  • If the event costs money to attend, you will need to disclose that.
Optional: want to help support this blog?  Here are ways to help:
  • Share this blog with others (such as on facebook, twitter, etc).  I can't get word out by myself, and so if you know people that might be interested in this blog, please be sure to book mark it, share it with a friend, link to the blog from your website or blog, etc, favorite it, etc (this will be a must if you are trying to get word out of an upcoming event you want the world to know).   As with most new websites, this blog currently has a page rank of 0 (which is the default for new sites), but with your support (i.e., backlinks) the rank will go up and with a higher rank will be more traffic (and more prospective visitors for your event).
  • Do take some time to visit my sponsors (see referral links) and share them with others (for example if you know somebody that might like a product from Amazon.com hosted on this blog, an ebook, etc), please feel free to share them.  Ad revenue will go towards more events, building an official website for this blog, could open the door for more features, doing paid advertising, setting up a mailing list as well as other premium stuff.   
  • Plan to post often?  Be sure to PM me and I can add you as a contributing author (will need to send you an invite to do that of course).

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