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Friday, November 11, 2011

Demo Schedule for this weekend (November 12 and 13, 2011)

Hey guys, sorry for being a little inactive lately, I've had my hands full building a new website about income opportunities at www.rjincomeopportunities.ws (which is a website that will offersdetailed reviews about some of the popular income opportunities floating around the net).  Anyways, here are my demos for this weekend:

I will be serving up hot chocolate and mixed nuts at the QFC store near the Northgate Mall in Seattle (off of Roosevelt Way).  It is a part of the "share the magic" event that will be going on tomorrow (I am guessing that it is similar to the "open house" events they usually do around the holiday season).  The event is scheduled to go from 11:00 pm to 5:00 pm

I will be serving free samples of the Udi's Gluten free bread at the Albertsons store in Clearview, WA (near Snohomish) from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Friday, October 21, 2011

This week's featured product: Wheat thins crips and Newtons Fruit Thins

For today's demo, I will be giving out free samples of Wheat Thins and Newtons Fruit Thins at the Albertsons store near Lake Steven's WA from 10:30 to 4:30 pm
wheat thins. || Newton Fruit Thins

Product Features:

Newtons Fruit Thins: Made with real fruit Good source of whole grain (8 grams per serving) No high fructose corn syrup Comes in 4 delicious flavors Unexpected flavor combinations

 Triscuit Thin Crisps:
-New bold flavor
-May help reduce the risk of heart disease
 -Good source of dietary fiber
-Contains 4.5g fat per serving -Baked with 100% whole grain
 -0g trans fat per serving -Kosher dairy -Comes in a new snack box

So, what do you think about the Wheat Thins or the Newton Fruit Thins?

Thinking about getting some?  Here is a custom search widget from Amazon.com that you can take advantage of:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ryan's Official Product review of the Coca Cola Fuze

Hello, this is Ryan, and I am the author of this blog.  As you probably know, I was doing a demo today promoting the coca cola fuze energy drinks and I was able to try out some of the sample product myself (I couldn't resist).  Anyways, in case if you are looking for information about this product, you have come to the right place.  In this post, I will tell you everything I know about the Coca Cola fuze, talk about some of the features of this product, what I liked about the product and what I didn't like the product. 

Disclosure policy: this review/endorsement is based on my personal experience with the Coca Cola Fuze and may or may not reflect the viewpoints of Advantage Sales and Marketing, Albertsons, Amazon (one of the two affiliate programs I am hosting on this blog, besides adsense).  Also, be sure to check the incgredients of the product before trying it (after all, it is a low calorie energy drink).

Sales stats so far at Amazon.com for this month (this figure will change as I get transactions)  - 0

In a nutshell, if you liked the Snapple juice beverages, you will probably love the Fuze energy drinks (my guess is that it is probably Coca Cola's answer to the Snapple drinks) as I thought that it tasted almost like Snapple, especially the blueberry rasberry kind as well as the strawberry watermelon kind.  It is a low calorie drink though, and although I didn't notice an aftertaste to this drink, some of the people that sampled this product noticed a little bit of an aftertaste (probably from the succulose in it, though I didn't noticed the after taste nearly as much as you would with Cascade Ice, as well as the new MIO drinks which both have an aftertaste to it).

Product features and benefits:
==> Loaded with vitamins and minerals (lots of vitamins A, C, and E)- it is almost like the vitamin water drinks that way, as well as the Snapple drinks.  Can be a good idea if you want some extra vitamins and minerals in your system
==> No caffine or ginsing (or similar ingredients found in most energy drinks).  So, if you don't like the Rockstar energy drinks or similar beverages that are loaded with caffine, ginsing, etc you will probably like the Fuze Drinks.  Of course, if you prefer having energy drinks with caffine or ginsing, you might opt for a different brand (such as Rockstar)
==> Comes in many differnet flavors.  At the demo I did, I was promoting the 1) strawberry watermelon, 2) pomegranate, and 3) blueberry rasberry flavors.  However, there are many other flavors too, including cranberry, tropical punch, and several other flavors.   By the way, I did link to a variety pack verson of the Fuze drinks near the top of the page at Amazon, so if you want to try out the different flavors, feel free to do so.
==> No fizz or carbonation.  Most energy drinks are carbonated (especially Rockstar, Red Bull, and Monster), however, you won't find any carbonation in Fuze (at least not in the varieties I promoted today).  Of course, on the flip side, if you prefer a carbonated beverage over a non carbonated kind, then fuze is probably not for you.
==> They come in pretty good sized bottles.  So, if you like quantity, then Fuze is good
==> Refereshing.   This can especially be nice to have at lunch time, when you go on a long hike, are in hot weather, or just need a nice cold drink (besides just water).  It is not gatorade of course, but it wills still leave you refereshed.  Personally, I think I probably would have gotten alot more people sampling these products if this demo was done on a nice hot summer day.  Unfortunately, it is currently October (at least at the time of this post) and it is already starting to feel a little more like winter around here (not quite of course, but it is definitely getting cooler and rainier here in the Seattle area, though I wouldn't speak for every area in the country, especially down south), so I would imagine that people were more in the mood for a hot drink (like hot apple cider) instead of a cold drink today.
=> Pretty cheap to buy in stores.  At Albertsons, they were selling at 10 for $10 (about $1 each) with the Albertsons advantage card.  I guess coca cola is trying to match the prices of the cascade ice beverages (which also sell for pretty cheap in stores).  By the way, the average energy drinks sell from anywhere between $2.00 and $3.00 in stores on average (even the Starbucks frappaccinos are selling for about $3 on average in most stores, which is almost expensive as getting a latte at your nearby starbucks), so $1 each is a pretty good deal (minus the caffine, of course).
==> It is pretty similar to Snapple drinks as it tastes almost like a typical snapple beverage

Of course, like all products, Fuze also has its drawbacks:
- If you prefer a drink with caffine or ginsing, Fuze is probably not for you.  You won't find caffine or ginsing in Fuze (it is more of a natural energy drink).  If you would rather have a jolt of caffine, you might be better off buying a traditional energy drink (like red bull) or even getting a latte at your nearby Starbucks instead.
- It does have artificial sweeteners in it.  If you don't like low calorie or low sugar drinks, you probably won't like Fuze.  Although, you probably won't notice the artificial sweeteners nearly as much as you would with similar drinks, such as diet coke, cascade ice (I thought that the aftertaste from the succulose was much more noticeable in the cascade ice drinks than they are in Fuze), as well as the Mio drinks (the syrup you can put in water and make it taste more like a juice).  I do tend to get mixed crowds on this during demos as people who don't like diet drinks did shy away from the Fuze drink (though I suppose you can't woo every crowd, since even when I promote regular flavored beverages like coca cola, the people who prefer diet drinks tend to shy away from the  regular flavored beverages). 

Overall, the Coca Cola Fuze is a good contender in the energy drink market.  Although it does not have caffine and ginsing as many of the other energy drinks to, and it is a low calorie beverage, it does come with extra vitamins and minerals.  Also, despite the fact that it has artificial sweeteners in it, the after taste is pretty mild in comparison to many similar products (especially Cascade Ice), and if you prefer energy drinks that are not carbonated like many other kinds are, then Fuze is probably for you.  Also, Snapple fans will probably love the Coca Cola Fuze drinks as well.

Want to get some Coca Cola Fuze, there are plenty on sale at Amazon.com (they come in variety packs, so you get quite a bit for your money). 

Comments and testimonials: do you have any comments or thoughts about the Fuze drinks?  Feel free to leave a comment below:

Disclosure policy: every comment and testimonial below (if any) are from actual people (like you) and are not actors nor are paid in any way to offer their opinion.  The comments or opinions of each poster are unique and may or may not reflect my view of this product (both positive or negative).  The comments below should be self explanatory

Similar products you can find at Amazon:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New demos coming up

Ah, it has been a while since I have posted last.  Anyways, here are the upcoming demos for this weekend:

Tomorrow (Friday): I will be promoting the Essential Every Day Pasta Sauce Traditional, along with the Garlic and Union kind, as well as the Alfredo sauce.  I will offering bread to go along the sauce:
Event location: 303 91st Ave NE, Everett, WA 98205 (near Lake Stevens)
Event time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday (10/15/11):  I will be serving up treats featuring the Honey Crisp apples (I think I am serving parfaits) at the Snohomish Albertsons (the one of Highway 9 in Clearview)

Event time: 10:30 to 4:30

Sunday: I will be serving up FUZE Cola (several different flavors)
Location: (same location as on Friday)
Time: 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Friday, July 22, 2011

This week's demo: Velveeta Skillets

Do you like cheesy snacks?  If so, you might like this weekend's demo (7/23/11) at the Albertsons store in Marysville, WA.  I will be dishing up Velveeta Skillets samples for customers shopping in the store.  I will also be giving out coupons as well.

Have you tried this before?  Feel free to share your experience this product by adding your comment(s) below.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Change in plans for tomorrow's demo

Given the fact that I am scheduled to promote women's menstral stuff (the Always Fresh product), and my parents' reservations about promoting this product, I have decided I am going to try and get out of this demo and see if I can promote a different product instead (like yogurt).  It appears the Always Fresh stuff is geared towards women when they are having their periods (not sure how else to say that) and I didn't know about that until tonight, and so I emailed my scheduler to see if I can either do a different demo or to get out of it altogether.  I will probably know tomorrow morning what I will be doing instead.  Perhaps there will be some female coworkers at the Walmart store I am supposed to do my demo at tomorrow and maybe I can trade demos with them (especially if they are selling other kinds of products), but I will have to play it by year.

Tomorrow's Featured product: Always Fresh and Always Infinity

Ah, for tomorrow's demo, I will be selling women's stuff (and no I am not a woman obviously), namely the "Always Fresh" and "Always Infinity" products (I don't really have a choice on which products I promote each demo as that is determined by my agencies), and so tomorrow's demo will be pretty interesting, especially coming from a guy's perspective.  By the way, for tomorrow's demo, I will be at the Walmart in Mt Vernon (it is the one just off the freeway). 

Here are the product features, according to the sales letter I have.

Always Fresh:
- Consumer preferred discreet feminine scent
- Absorbtrion and Protection that you trust
- Value based brand
- It is supposed to be designed to give you a fresh, clean feeling every time.  It has a soft cover that helps you clean and dry and a Leakguard core that absorbs in seconds and is lightly fused with a clean, fresh scent.

Always infinity:
- Always Infinity Pads are the first in the world made with ultra absorbent material called Infinicel.  It has the power to absorb 10x its weight and yet remain amazingly light.  At the center of the pad are microdots, engineered to quickly guide fluid deep inside the pad and away from the skin.
- An incredibly soft cover sheet works with the Infinicel core to help women feel dry
- The revolutionary wing design is form-fitting to move with the body and provide optimal protection.
- Always Infinity is a pad like no other.  Always Infinity is the only pad made with Infinicel, an innovative material that mods to your body and absorbs up to 60% more than the next leading Regular Ultra Thin for better protection.  It is so soft and thin that you hardly notice it is there.

I am supposed to promote several varieties too, including the ultra thin overnight with wings kind, the ultra thin long super kind, the maxi overnight kind, as well as several varieties of the Ultra Infinity products. 

Demo features:
- will be passing out free samples of the products (they come in form of wheels)

Have you used this product before?  Feel free to share your experiences with it.  Video submissions are welcome too.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MIO Product Review

If you like Cascade Ice, Tang, Propell water, and similar kinds of flavored waters, MIO is probably for you.  It can also be a good alternative to the traditional soda that you might get when eating out

Here are the flavors of MIO I distributed today:



While soda pop is popular among people who like flavored beverages, they usually contain lots of sugar and offer obvious health risks (such as potiential for high blood sugar, cavities, etc).  Even diet sodas are not always the healthiest alternatives either as they often carry artificial sweeteners (like sweet n' low, splenda, and similar products) which often contain wiered chemicals (like saccrin).  As a popular alternative to traditional sodas, companies are offering juices (like Koolade ad Gatorade) as well as flavored water, like Tang, Cascade Ice, and now MIO.  MIO is pretty much a flavoring product that you can add to water, seltzer water and similar beverages (similar to that of flavorings with espresso drinks) and add unique flavored to it.  For example if you want water to taste like fruit punch, you could add some of the MIO flavoring to your water and it will taste like a gatorade style fruit punch (same goes with other flavors as well).  You could probably do this with products like talking rain, seltzer water, tonic water, alcoholic mixers (like vodka) and other drinks to create your own custom drink (for example, making strawberry watermelon soda).  In addition, MIO is very similar to Cascade Ice beverages (which is another product I have demoed in the past at QFC stores), though it does not have the sparkly taste that Cascade Ice has. 

Upsides to MIO-
- The bottles can fit into the palm of your hand and so you can carry them around to various places (such as your school cafeteria, the break room at your work, the resturants you visit, etc). 
- It is pretty good tasting (unless if you add to much or too little to the water).  2 or 3 drops should be enough to flavor a 12 ounce water bottle adequately.
- Has less sugar than coke
- no carbonation as far as I could tell (unlike Cascade Ice)
- Not messy (I never had to clean up the syrup when I was demoing the product)
- This product can be very useful when you are on the go and don't want to buy a soda or a similar drink (especially in resturants) as you can add some of the flavoring to a glass of water and make it into more of a juice.
- This product is bound to be popular among kids, especially those who don't like the regular taste of water.
- They do come in a wide variety of flavors (I did the strawberry watermelon, the berry pomegranate, and the fruit punch flavors today, though they come in other flavors as well such as Mango Peach, Sweet Tea and several other flavors).
- Healthier than soda

Things I was not so wild about the drinks:
- Like cascade ice and similar beverages, it does have an aftertaste (you probably won't notice it depending on what flavors you use, but I got that when I tried it).  While most of the samplers liked the products, some did complain about the aftertaste. 
- Not recommended for people who prefer sodas and non-diety stuff.
- It does have some artificial sweetener in it (forgot what it was though).
- The bottles were a little pricy (at the store I was at,  they were selling at $3.99 per bottle).  You can almost get 2 Cascade Ice drinks for a price of a MIO.
- Adding too much to your water can make it too sweet, while adding too little will make it taste watery.

Anyways, while the MIO is not for everyone, it definitely can make a good alternative to soda (especially for kids) and will make a formidable alternative to similar drinks like Cascade Ice.  Want to try some MIO?  Be sure to check out the Amazon links I posted above. for more info about them.

Similar products you might also like:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tomorrow's Featured product: the Kraft MIO and Trident Vitality chewing gum

Tomorrow's featured products:

Trident Vitality gum

Kraft MIO

So, those will be the products that I will be demoing tomorrow at the Albertsons in Clearview (south of Snohomish).

MIO Features and benefits:
1)  Apparently, it is the first on-the-go liquid water enhancer that allows you flavor your drink
2) Comes in a portable squeeze bottle that fits in your hand and transforms the drink into a beverage of your choice (similar to tang, fizz, and similar drinks)
3) Comes in several flavors, including: berry pomegranate, strawberry watermelon, fruit punch, mango peach, peach tea, and sweet tea

Personally, I havent had the MIO yet (though I have had similar powdered drinks like tang, gatorade, the starbucks ready brea, and several similar products), though it can be good to have if you want to add some flavor to your water.  For tomorrow's demo, I will be pouring drinks for all interested coustomers featuring the MIO drinks, so feel free to stop on by and have some. 

Trident Gum Features:
-Offers a new gum chewing experience with a blend of unique flavors wrapped in a stylish package
- Comes in several flavors, including citrus, strawberry, cool mint, white tea, as well as pepperment
- Comes with ginsing
- Can be good for having good breath

I've had trident gum before myself and do like the flavors as well as the long lasting taste.  For tomorrow's demo, I will be giving out free pieces of gum to interested shoppers, so if you like gum, feel free to stop on by tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 demos scheduled for this weekend (May 27 through May 29)

Ah, it's been a while since I have posted last here.  Besides this blog, I have several other ones, including one on animal videos, one about huskies, one on video games, etc.  Plus I've been focusing on promoting some a new network marketing opportunity I joined recently (TE Profits) on some of the traffic exchanges I use, as well as building up a list I have promoting TE Profits via Traffic Wave.  Anyways, I do have 3 demos coming up this weekend.  Here are the demos coming up (all of them for this weekend will be at  at the Clearview Albersons store by the way, near Snohomish),.

Tomorrow's featured product: the FRS Healthy Energy Drink, will giving out free samples of it

Saturday: I will be promoting the Trident chewing gum, which can be nice for any of you who like gum

Sunday: I will be cooking up Johnsonville sausages (such as brauts), so if you like brauts and similar sausages, you will be in for a special treat that day.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

This week's feaured products: Sara Lee Whole Wheat and Whole grain bred

For this week's featured product, I will be giving out samples of the Sara Lee Earthgrains whole wheat bread, along with strawberry.  This bread comes in 2 forms: whole wheat, and 7 grain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Demoing Cascade Ice tomorrow

Demoing Cascade Ice tomorrow
Orange Mango

I will be at the QFC store in Kirkland, WA (at the Park Place plaza) giving out free samples of various cascade ice drinks, with the featured flavors being Lemonade, Orange Mango, Peach Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Berry and Raspberry Lemonade.  I've done this exact same demo before at a few other locations, including the QFC in Mill Creek as well as the one along Lake City Way near Seattle, and so I am pretty familiar with the drink.  It is not exactly like a regular soda, but more like a diet version of soda, though personally I like it more than seltzer water. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Will be promoting jello this weekend

Hey everyone, just for your informaiton, I am scheduled to demo jello this weekend at the Monroe and Snohomish Albertsons stores.  Tomorrow I will be in Monroe from 10:30 to 4:30 and on Sunday, I will be in Snohomish from 12:00 to 6:00.  Feel free to stop on by if you want some

Friday, January 14, 2011

Created a profile at The Daily Puppy

Hey everyone, just for your information, I decided to join the social networking site, The Daily Puppy. It is a social networking site for dog owners where you can show off your dogs and puppies. Can be a good place to connect with other dog owners (I currently have 2 dogs myself, including a golden retriever and a shizu). Feel free to connect with me there at http://www.dailypuppy.com/member/b8b99b6492

Malamute playing with an outdoor pool in the snow

Here is a funny sight. It is in the middle of winter and the back yard is full of snow, and yet, this alaskan malamute decides to play with the portable pool in the video. I am not sure about you, but maybe the dog was thinking that there was some water in the pool. Funny video though.

Do you have similar experiences about your dogs playing with their pools? Be sure to share this blog post with others if you like it. Also, feel free to take some time to visit my sponsors. Ad revenue will cover the costs of keeping this site running (such as advertising the blog) and can open the doors for me to share even more videos on this blog each day).

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest promotions at Cafe Britt Coffee

Just out of curiousity, are there any coffee lovers here?  If so, for the first online retailer I thought that I would share with you all is Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee.  Cafe Britt is a Latin America based company that brews fresh gourmet coffee (similar to similar coffee companies, such as Starbucks and Tullys), using special berries (think Hawaiian style).  You can learn more about them at their website.  Anyways, here are some of the latest promotions they are having:

Featured Commercial about Cafe Britt on youtube:

1.Win a trip to Costa Rica sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes 2011 - Free Trip to Costa Rica - 250x250
If you are looking to get out of the cold wintry weather here in the north, the company is currently running a special sweepstakes, where at least one lucky person can win a trip to Costa Rica and tour their coffee plantations. 

2. Buy coffee for reduced prices
Cafe Britt 25 gourmet coffee special
It also appears the company is offering a special discount on some of their packages (btw, they do offer a sampler package for people who want to try out ther products).  Can be good for those of you who want to try their products for the first time.  BTW, they do offer coffee for coffee shop owners, so this could be a good way to jumpstart your coffee shop business if you happen to own a coffee shop and are looking for a coffee product to sell.

3. Free shipping offer
Cafe Britt Fair Trade coffee
Cafe Britt is also offering free shpping for people who order 6 or more bags. 

4. Featured Products

New referral program: do you know somebody that might want what Cafe Britt has to offer?  Share this blog post with them and pm me at ryansjones@hotmail.com and if they buy, I will give you 25% of the commission(s) I make from their purchases (by the way, this will apply to other promotions from online retailers) via paypal (let me know if you are interested).

So, what do you think about Cafe Britt Coffee.

No demos this week :(

Hey everyone, just fyi, I know that it has been a while since I have posted last, but it's been very slow lately with my 2 demo jobs and I haven't been scheduled for any demos this week (last week too).  I will keep you posted should things change.  One downside to working for demo agencies (btw if you are with NCIM or Advantage Sales and Marketing, this is just constructive criticism) I find is that sometimes your schedulers seem to "forget" you and you can find yourself going for weeks or even months before they have demos for you again.  At one moment, you have demos often and making a decent ammount of money promoting different products for retailers like QFC, Walmart and Albertsons and then another moment where you can literally go for weeks even months between jobs, and then it gets tempting to just find another job.  Ideally, if demo agencies and similar agencies where you are on an "on-call" schedule (where they call you or email you if they have jobs for you), they ought to do more to ensure there are jobs for their employees each week (at least if they expect people to remain loyal to their companies).  For example, they ought to have a feature where they list all of the available jobs in an area (say within a 60 mile radius from one's house) and have it so people can assign themselves to jobs, either that or a "paid to wait" feature (where you earn some extra income each week you are not scheduled, this way you have some extra cash to live on between jobs). 
  On the positive note, I do happen to be an affiliate of several retailers via Linkshare, including Walmart, Pet Smart, Compusa, Toshiba, and other retailers, and maybe between demos, I could start talking about some of the events and special promotions they are having.  For example, if a company is offering free shipping for their products, I will be sure to share it here.  BTW, if you are a manager of a QFC, Albertsons or Walmart store in the Seattle area and have demos you want executed, feel free to let me know and I will pass it on to my schedulers.