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Friday, January 14, 2011

Created a profile at The Daily Puppy

Hey everyone, just for your information, I decided to join the social networking site, The Daily Puppy. It is a social networking site for dog owners where you can show off your dogs and puppies. Can be a good place to connect with other dog owners (I currently have 2 dogs myself, including a golden retriever and a shizu). Feel free to connect with me there at http://www.dailypuppy.com/member/b8b99b6492

Malamute playing with an outdoor pool in the snow

Here is a funny sight. It is in the middle of winter and the back yard is full of snow, and yet, this alaskan malamute decides to play with the portable pool in the video. I am not sure about you, but maybe the dog was thinking that there was some water in the pool. Funny video though.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest promotions at Cafe Britt Coffee

Just out of curiousity, are there any coffee lovers here?  If so, for the first online retailer I thought that I would share with you all is Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee.  Cafe Britt is a Latin America based company that brews fresh gourmet coffee (similar to similar coffee companies, such as Starbucks and Tullys), using special berries (think Hawaiian style).  You can learn more about them at their website.  Anyways, here are some of the latest promotions they are having:

Featured Commercial about Cafe Britt on youtube:

1.Win a trip to Costa Rica sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes 2011 - Free Trip to Costa Rica - 250x250
If you are looking to get out of the cold wintry weather here in the north, the company is currently running a special sweepstakes, where at least one lucky person can win a trip to Costa Rica and tour their coffee plantations. 

2. Buy coffee for reduced prices
Cafe Britt 25 gourmet coffee special
It also appears the company is offering a special discount on some of their packages (btw, they do offer a sampler package for people who want to try out ther products).  Can be good for those of you who want to try their products for the first time.  BTW, they do offer coffee for coffee shop owners, so this could be a good way to jumpstart your coffee shop business if you happen to own a coffee shop and are looking for a coffee product to sell.

3. Free shipping offer
Cafe Britt Fair Trade coffee
Cafe Britt is also offering free shpping for people who order 6 or more bags. 

4. Featured Products

New referral program: do you know somebody that might want what Cafe Britt has to offer?  Share this blog post with them and pm me at ryansjones@hotmail.com and if they buy, I will give you 25% of the commission(s) I make from their purchases (by the way, this will apply to other promotions from online retailers) via paypal (let me know if you are interested).

So, what do you think about Cafe Britt Coffee.

No demos this week :(

Hey everyone, just fyi, I know that it has been a while since I have posted last, but it's been very slow lately with my 2 demo jobs and I haven't been scheduled for any demos this week (last week too).  I will keep you posted should things change.  One downside to working for demo agencies (btw if you are with NCIM or Advantage Sales and Marketing, this is just constructive criticism) I find is that sometimes your schedulers seem to "forget" you and you can find yourself going for weeks or even months before they have demos for you again.  At one moment, you have demos often and making a decent ammount of money promoting different products for retailers like QFC, Walmart and Albertsons and then another moment where you can literally go for weeks even months between jobs, and then it gets tempting to just find another job.  Ideally, if demo agencies and similar agencies where you are on an "on-call" schedule (where they call you or email you if they have jobs for you), they ought to do more to ensure there are jobs for their employees each week (at least if they expect people to remain loyal to their companies).  For example, they ought to have a feature where they list all of the available jobs in an area (say within a 60 mile radius from one's house) and have it so people can assign themselves to jobs, either that or a "paid to wait" feature (where you earn some extra income each week you are not scheduled, this way you have some extra cash to live on between jobs). 
  On the positive note, I do happen to be an affiliate of several retailers via Linkshare, including Walmart, Pet Smart, Compusa, Toshiba, and other retailers, and maybe between demos, I could start talking about some of the events and special promotions they are having.  For example, if a company is offering free shipping for their products, I will be sure to share it here.  BTW, if you are a manager of a QFC, Albertsons or Walmart store in the Seattle area and have demos you want executed, feel free to let me know and I will pass it on to my schedulers.