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Thursday, January 13, 2011

No demos this week :(

Hey everyone, just fyi, I know that it has been a while since I have posted last, but it's been very slow lately with my 2 demo jobs and I haven't been scheduled for any demos this week (last week too).  I will keep you posted should things change.  One downside to working for demo agencies (btw if you are with NCIM or Advantage Sales and Marketing, this is just constructive criticism) I find is that sometimes your schedulers seem to "forget" you and you can find yourself going for weeks or even months before they have demos for you again.  At one moment, you have demos often and making a decent ammount of money promoting different products for retailers like QFC, Walmart and Albertsons and then another moment where you can literally go for weeks even months between jobs, and then it gets tempting to just find another job.  Ideally, if demo agencies and similar agencies where you are on an "on-call" schedule (where they call you or email you if they have jobs for you), they ought to do more to ensure there are jobs for their employees each week (at least if they expect people to remain loyal to their companies).  For example, they ought to have a feature where they list all of the available jobs in an area (say within a 60 mile radius from one's house) and have it so people can assign themselves to jobs, either that or a "paid to wait" feature (where you earn some extra income each week you are not scheduled, this way you have some extra cash to live on between jobs). 
  On the positive note, I do happen to be an affiliate of several retailers via Linkshare, including Walmart, Pet Smart, Compusa, Toshiba, and other retailers, and maybe between demos, I could start talking about some of the events and special promotions they are having.  For example, if a company is offering free shipping for their products, I will be sure to share it here.  BTW, if you are a manager of a QFC, Albertsons or Walmart store in the Seattle area and have demos you want executed, feel free to let me know and I will pass it on to my schedulers.

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  1. Ryan- I would recommended constantly calling and emailing your schedulers from both companies if you are actively seeking work. Remember "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" and your scheduler has other folks who also want to work. I know at NCiM we are gearing up for several ELL events starting in March & April so make sure you ask your scheduler about those. If you find yourself not being scheduled make sure to ask if there is anything you can do to improve to get booked for more jobs or if there has been anything reported that is preventing them from scheduling you. Trust me, we hear from people at the events, auditing, the store manager and even corporate offices if someone see's a demonstrator do something that is not correct. I am not sure how long you have been conducting demo's but keep in mind that this is a "slow" time of the year for all companies in our line of work. It is also why many companies pull you on as a independent contractor because you can have times where you are busy everyday or go weeks between demos. I would advise you to research other companies in your area so that you have several companies offering you assignments. Unless you live in convention city like Vegas most people do not make a living conducting demo's from one or two companies they are listed and work with several and often several types. If you enjoy cooking demo's and entertaining look at a in home party program like Pampered Chef or even in home wine parties that would be similar to demo jobs but provide you with the ability to create your own demo schedule from how active you promote what you do. Most of all don't give up and find creative ways to market what you love to do! If you own a professional demo table you could work for any small local business who might not hire a large company like NCiM or Advantage but could benefit from product demo's.


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