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Saturday, May 28, 2011

MIO Product Review

If you like Cascade Ice, Tang, Propell water, and similar kinds of flavored waters, MIO is probably for you.  It can also be a good alternative to the traditional soda that you might get when eating out

Here are the flavors of MIO I distributed today:



While soda pop is popular among people who like flavored beverages, they usually contain lots of sugar and offer obvious health risks (such as potiential for high blood sugar, cavities, etc).  Even diet sodas are not always the healthiest alternatives either as they often carry artificial sweeteners (like sweet n' low, splenda, and similar products) which often contain wiered chemicals (like saccrin).  As a popular alternative to traditional sodas, companies are offering juices (like Koolade ad Gatorade) as well as flavored water, like Tang, Cascade Ice, and now MIO.  MIO is pretty much a flavoring product that you can add to water, seltzer water and similar beverages (similar to that of flavorings with espresso drinks) and add unique flavored to it.  For example if you want water to taste like fruit punch, you could add some of the MIO flavoring to your water and it will taste like a gatorade style fruit punch (same goes with other flavors as well).  You could probably do this with products like talking rain, seltzer water, tonic water, alcoholic mixers (like vodka) and other drinks to create your own custom drink (for example, making strawberry watermelon soda).  In addition, MIO is very similar to Cascade Ice beverages (which is another product I have demoed in the past at QFC stores), though it does not have the sparkly taste that Cascade Ice has. 

Upsides to MIO-
- The bottles can fit into the palm of your hand and so you can carry them around to various places (such as your school cafeteria, the break room at your work, the resturants you visit, etc). 
- It is pretty good tasting (unless if you add to much or too little to the water).  2 or 3 drops should be enough to flavor a 12 ounce water bottle adequately.
- Has less sugar than coke
- no carbonation as far as I could tell (unlike Cascade Ice)
- Not messy (I never had to clean up the syrup when I was demoing the product)
- This product can be very useful when you are on the go and don't want to buy a soda or a similar drink (especially in resturants) as you can add some of the flavoring to a glass of water and make it into more of a juice.
- This product is bound to be popular among kids, especially those who don't like the regular taste of water.
- They do come in a wide variety of flavors (I did the strawberry watermelon, the berry pomegranate, and the fruit punch flavors today, though they come in other flavors as well such as Mango Peach, Sweet Tea and several other flavors).
- Healthier than soda

Things I was not so wild about the drinks:
- Like cascade ice and similar beverages, it does have an aftertaste (you probably won't notice it depending on what flavors you use, but I got that when I tried it).  While most of the samplers liked the products, some did complain about the aftertaste. 
- Not recommended for people who prefer sodas and non-diety stuff.
- It does have some artificial sweetener in it (forgot what it was though).
- The bottles were a little pricy (at the store I was at,  they were selling at $3.99 per bottle).  You can almost get 2 Cascade Ice drinks for a price of a MIO.
- Adding too much to your water can make it too sweet, while adding too little will make it taste watery.

Anyways, while the MIO is not for everyone, it definitely can make a good alternative to soda (especially for kids) and will make a formidable alternative to similar drinks like Cascade Ice.  Want to try some MIO?  Be sure to check out the Amazon links I posted above. for more info about them.

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