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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tomorrow's Featured product: Always Fresh and Always Infinity

Ah, for tomorrow's demo, I will be selling women's stuff (and no I am not a woman obviously), namely the "Always Fresh" and "Always Infinity" products (I don't really have a choice on which products I promote each demo as that is determined by my agencies), and so tomorrow's demo will be pretty interesting, especially coming from a guy's perspective.  By the way, for tomorrow's demo, I will be at the Walmart in Mt Vernon (it is the one just off the freeway). 

Here are the product features, according to the sales letter I have.

Always Fresh:
- Consumer preferred discreet feminine scent
- Absorbtrion and Protection that you trust
- Value based brand
- It is supposed to be designed to give you a fresh, clean feeling every time.  It has a soft cover that helps you clean and dry and a Leakguard core that absorbs in seconds and is lightly fused with a clean, fresh scent.

Always infinity:
- Always Infinity Pads are the first in the world made with ultra absorbent material called Infinicel.  It has the power to absorb 10x its weight and yet remain amazingly light.  At the center of the pad are microdots, engineered to quickly guide fluid deep inside the pad and away from the skin.
- An incredibly soft cover sheet works with the Infinicel core to help women feel dry
- The revolutionary wing design is form-fitting to move with the body and provide optimal protection.
- Always Infinity is a pad like no other.  Always Infinity is the only pad made with Infinicel, an innovative material that mods to your body and absorbs up to 60% more than the next leading Regular Ultra Thin for better protection.  It is so soft and thin that you hardly notice it is there.

I am supposed to promote several varieties too, including the ultra thin overnight with wings kind, the ultra thin long super kind, the maxi overnight kind, as well as several varieties of the Ultra Infinity products. 

Demo features:
- will be passing out free samples of the products (they come in form of wheels)

Have you used this product before?  Feel free to share your experiences with it.  Video submissions are welcome too.

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