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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Official Review of Bailey's Coffee Creamers

Picture of the Bailey's Coffee Creamer
from the Walmart website. 
In the last post I did, I told you I was going to be demoing the Bailey's Coffee Creamers at Albertsons, and I was able to try some of it while I was there.  During the demo, the store I was at only had the hazelnut, french vanilla, and irish cream flavors (I was originally planning to do all three flavors and started with french vanilla and irish cream, but I ran out of time before I could do hazelnut, plus it was relatively slow in the store today, especially in the afternoon hours).  On this blog entry, I will share with you what I think about this product.

In a nut shell, if you like flavored coffee, you will probably like the extra flavor that the creamers have to offer.  Personally, my favorite was the irish cream kind as it goes best with the coffee in my opinion, though french vanilla is also good as well.  By the way, there are lots of other flavors and varieties of this product you can find both online and offline as some stores offer other kinds as well, such as chocolate, cream brulee, sugar free vanilla, and several other kinds of flavors.  By the way, if you have an espresso machine at home, baileys creamers can be a good alternative to the traditional syrups you can get and is definitely alot cheaper too and makes the lattes, mochas, etc a little more creamier as well.  Another nice thing about baileys is that unlike the traditional bailey's products (the liquor kind), there is no alcohol in the creamers and can be popular for people who don't drink alcohol, and can also be popular with minors as well who drink coffee considering that there is no alcohol in it whatsoever.  The only real down side to baileys as I can tell is that it definitely makes the coffee sweeter than normal, and this can be a turn off for people who like strong coffee, and even in Albertsons today, some of the customers preferred black coffee (no cream or sugar) over coffee with the baileys creamers.  Also, some people might prefer the liquor verion of the Bailey's products as well.

For more information about Bailey's Coffee Creamers, you can either visit your local grocery store, or if you are shopping online, the coffee creamers are featured at Walmart's website.

Similar products you might like:
1) The Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor - these are the original Bailey's products (personally, I've tried them before and they are flavorful too and you don't really taste the alcohol in it either).
2) Torani Flavoring Syrups - these are classics for making flavored coffee and are usually the types of flavorings you would find for lattes, cappuccionos, and mochas you would find at most coffee shops and espresso stands.
3) Coffee Mate Creamers - these also come with a variety of flavorings as well.  By the way, my family usually uses coffee mate at our house.
4)   Starbucks coffee beans (or other types of coffee brands as well, though Starbucks and Tullys are my favorites).  By the way, if you like espresso and have an espresso maker, Starbucks and Tully's brands usually make the best espresso drinks (especially the espresso roasts).
5) Cafe Britt Coffee - if you are looking for South American style coffee, I recommend Cafe Britt.  I've never had this kind before, but it definitely seems to be pretty authentic and is gourmet too. 

Well, that is all for now.

Have you tried Bailey's Coffee Creamers (or similar products) and want to share your experience with them?  Feel free to post a comment.  Tell me what you like about them, what you don't like about them, etc. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tomorrow's Featured product: Bailey's Coffee Creamers

Here are the products for this week:  Bailey's Coffee Creamers and Triscuits - Sea Salt and Oil flavor

Tomorrow's Demo (Friday) - Bailey's Coffee Creamers
Picture of the Carmel Coffee Creamer from Bailey's.
Clicking on the picture above will take you to the product page
at Walmart.com and you can get more informationa about
the products there.

Hey coffee drinkers: do you ever get tired of having plain old coffee?  Even with cream and sugar, plain coffee can get old after a while.  Baileys is now offering non-alcoholic flavored coffee creamers that you can add to your favorite coffee drinks.  Featured to the left is the carmel flavor of Bailey's Creamers, though they do come in other varieties as well, including Irish Cream, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut flavors to name a few.  I've actually done this demo a few times before, and it does tend to be popular with coffee drinkers.  For tomorrow's demo (Friday), I will be serving up fresh coffee with Bailey's creamers for customers. 

Product features and facts (according to my demo sales letter):

1) Made from Bailey's, which sells the well known Bailey's Irish Coffee liquer (which is great with espresso by the way).
2) Rich and Creamy
3) They do come in several falvors, including vanilla, hazelnut, carmel, irish cream, chocolate cream, cream brulee, and toffee almond cream (by the way, I am not sure if the Albertsons store in Snohomish has all of those flavors, but they do have some of them).  By the way, these can also be good with lattes (assuming some of you have espresso makers at home).
4) Non-alcoholic.  Great for those of you who don't drink alcohol, as well as minors who drink coffee

Do you have questions, comments or concerns about Bailey's Coffee creamers?  Feel free to post them in the comments section below.