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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Pike Place Market: an ideal place for product demonstrations

Pike Place MarketBack in March, I went to Seattle with my bible study group via Snohomish Community Church and not only did we do the Seattle Underground Tour, but we also visited the Pike Place Market as well.  It was actually nice out that day and so there were lots of people at Pike Place Market and I did happen to notice lots of the vendors doing food sampling events and cooking demonstrations, such as showing off breads, dips, etc and I have been thinking to myself, this is the ideal place to be for doing food sampling events.  Can't you imagine all of the potiential customers the vendors get each day, and that is far cry from the stores I usually do (where you usally get less than 200 customers coming through when you are there).  Makes me a bit envious, though I have done Walmart stores too and they tend to get lots of customers coming through as well.  Of course, there were some other cool places to visit at Pike Place Market, such as the original Starbucks Coffee shop (usually crowded too), some of the restaurants, as well as themed shops like the comic book store.  By the way, according to some articles (such as on the Shadowlands website), apparently the Pike place Market is rumored to be haunted (though I have yet to see anything out of the ordinary there) by an old native american woman, as well as several other ghosts.  I've never seen anything out of the ordinary myself there, but if you have ghost stories about the market, feel free to share them.  By the way, what do you think of the Pike Place Market?

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