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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ghiradelli chocolates demo recap

Hey do any of you like chocolates?  On Friday I was doing a demo at the Fred Meyer in Issaquah (it is the one just off of Interstate 90 along the East Lake Sammamish Parkway) where I was giving out free packages of Ghirardelli Candy

The peppermint bark candies were pretty popular for shoppers.  I started with 3 bags worth of chocolates each consisting of 100 candies) and I got through more than 2/3 of the sample products (about 225 candies) before the demo ended.  I wanted to get through all of them, but not everyone seemed to be in the mood for candy on Friday (probably mostly people who love to diet in the store).  Interestingly while I was doing my demo, another guy from Advantage was there too and also giving out samples of candy as well.  Also, there was a Salvation Army donation event going on and news crews (Komo and Starz) were there too and covering the event.  The chocolates were popular with them too.  Definitely a fun demo to do, especially in contrast to Saturday's demo where the store was generally slow.

Here are some other pictures I took during the event:

Picture of the candies

Picture of the Komo 4 News van - they were covering the Salvation Army event (as far as I could tell)

 Picture of the Salvation army truck.

Want to get some Ghiradelli Candies?  Check out the Links below:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Got 3 demos coming up this weekend.

Just some heads up, I have 3 demos coming up this weekend (note all of my demos are in the Seattle area and Puget sound region here in Washington):

Friday - doing a chocolate sampling event at the Fred Meyer in Issaquah.

Saturday - giving out free samples of snacky items at the Albertsons near Lake Stevens

Sunday - I will be showing off remote control helicopters and trucks at the Fred Meyer in Kirkland

Due to time restraints, I can get into more details about them later.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did an Oreo Cookie Stacking contest last weekend

Ah, I know it has been a while since I have posted on this blog (been busy lately, plus I do have several other blogs I manage as well).  I hosted an oreo cookie stacking contest at the Albertson in Snohomish, WA
Picture of oreo cookies

I am not used to hosting contests, but it turned out pretty well.  Kids and other shoppers would come by my station and try and stack as many oreo cookies as they can within 30 seconds.  Some people had small stacks, while others had pretty huge ones (the tallest was about 12 inches).  Of course, some people were more interested in eating the cookies instead of stacking them, which make things a bit interesting.  By the way, this is not the first time I did this kind of event as I did a similar event at Walmart back in 2005 (via New Concepts in Marketing)   Obviously it was much busier that time and was a bit rougher too (more people and all).  Instead of grand prizes, all participants got collapsible cups they can have.

Started doing Demos at Fred Meyer Stores recently

Hey everyone, in case if you don't know, I have started doing demos at the fred meyer store at Snohomish, WA (not as often as I do demos at Albertsons stores, but I have already done 3 different demos there). 
Here are the demos I have done so far at Fred Meyer:
1. Giving out free cans of sodas (10 calorie rootbeer, ginger ale, etc)
2. 2 demos where I was giving out free bags of chips, like the chicken and waffles potato chips as you see in the photo above).

The demos at Fred Meyer usually takes place on Friday from 3:30 to 8:00 pm (though not every week).  I will try to let you know when my next demo is.

Showing off a Keurig Coffee Maker at Albertsons

Here is a video I posted on Youtube showing off the Keurig Coffee Maker at Albertsons in Clearview.  I have done this demo on several different occsaions (though I don't actually have a Keurig at home, though I do have an espresso machine instead) where I brew free coffee for shoppers and try to encourage people to try out the machine and buy coffee.  Here is the video below:

I have posted a review about the Keurig coffee maker on a previous entry on this blog but if you are looking to buy a Keurig, Amazon.com has a bunch that you can check out and buy, like the one at http://tinyurl.com/d6b7wqg (this will redirect you to the product page at Amazon.com).  If I had the money I would buy one myself, but I can't.  Though I do have 2 coffee makers at home (a regular one and an espresso machine as well).  Though I imagine that a keurig would be pretty useful to have.  For example, many dentist offices and businesses have these (makes it easy and convenient for people to have coffee).  They would probably do well with apartments and dorm rooms as well as you can quickly brew coffee with keurigs on the go.