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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ghiradelli chocolates demo recap

Hey do any of you like chocolates?  On Friday I was doing a demo at the Fred Meyer in Issaquah (it is the one just off of Interstate 90 along the East Lake Sammamish Parkway) where I was giving out free packages of Ghirardelli Candy

The peppermint bark candies were pretty popular for shoppers.  I started with 3 bags worth of chocolates each consisting of 100 candies) and I got through more than 2/3 of the sample products (about 225 candies) before the demo ended.  I wanted to get through all of them, but not everyone seemed to be in the mood for candy on Friday (probably mostly people who love to diet in the store).  Interestingly while I was doing my demo, another guy from Advantage was there too and also giving out samples of candy as well.  Also, there was a Salvation Army donation event going on and news crews (Komo and Starz) were there too and covering the event.  The chocolates were popular with them too.  Definitely a fun demo to do, especially in contrast to Saturday's demo where the store was generally slow.

Here are some other pictures I took during the event:

Picture of the candies

Picture of the Komo 4 News van - they were covering the Salvation Army event (as far as I could tell)

 Picture of the Salvation army truck.

Want to get some Ghiradelli Candies?  Check out the Links below:

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