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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This week's demo schedule.

Just fyi, here is my demo schedule for this week (not counting today):

Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Store: QFC
Location: 926m 164th St SE
Bothell, WA (Mill Creek QFC)
Times: 10:15 am to 4:45 pm
Notes: will be giving out free samples of Chobani yogurt
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Store: Albertsons

Location: 12811 Bevely Park Rd, Lynnwood, Wa 98087 (technically Mukliteo area)

Notes: Ritz-Eckrich Recipe - basically cheese and crackers with polish and smoked sausages.  Did the exact same demo at the Monroe Albertsons a few days ago.

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Store: QFC

Location: 500 Mercer St Ste 101, Seattle, Wa (downtown Seattle)

- First time doing a demo in downtown Seattle
- Basically doing breakfast sandwiches and sparkling grape juic
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