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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Doing a demo at the new Walmart in Monroe tomorrow (December 7, 2014).

Tomorrow, I have been scheduled for a demo at the new Walmart in Monroe, Washington.  It is the latest of Walmart Stores that have been opening up here in Western Washington.  I have also done the new Walmart in Marysville too.  For tomorrow's demo, I am supposed do the ice cream drumstick bars.
Picture of the New Walmart in Monroe, Washington

Notes about the new Walmart:
- There was controversey about the new Walmart in Monroe.  I remember reading various articles in the Snohomish Tribune about people opposing the new Walmart in Monroe (in part due to traffic concerns as well as impacting nearby businesses).  By the way, here is an article in the Monroe Monitor and Sky Valley News about a court battle between the city and opponents.  http://www.monroemonitor.com/2013/05/21/monroe-wins-again-on-walmart/
- The Walmart is right next to where  the movie theater is.  I actually went to the movie theater this evening (saw Interstellar again) and I noticed that you can now access the Walmart parking lot right from the movie theater.
- There is also a Fred Meyer closeby too, so there is bound to be some fierce competition between the two mega stores (in fact, next Sunday, I am scheduled for a demo at the Fred Meyer in Monroe, and it will be interesting to see how the new Walmart affects store traffic there).  By the way, there is also a Safeway store and an Albertsons store in Monroe too (I've done demos at that store too on various occasions).
-  There is also now a new Walmart in Everett too (near the Everett Mall).
-  I've known some fellow coworkers from Kohl's that got jobs at Wlmart as well.

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