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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Demoed Vodka at the Safeway in Lake Stevens on July 29

Here is a picture of me doing a vodka demo.  Marks my first official alcohol related demo (even though it was a "dry" demo, where I was mainly just handing out coupons and recipe cards and not serving shots).  Looks like I will start getting some demos where I work with alcohol related drinks every now and then.  Almost did a wine tasting event back in the spring at the Albertsons in Mill creek, but it got cancelled (manager refused). 

It will be interesting to see when my next alcohol related demo is.  Vodka is a very strong alcohol drink and yet it is often used to make drinks like Martinis, cosmopolitens, screw drivers (vodka and orange juice), Moscow Mule Drinks, and Bloody Mary's to name a few).  Interestingly, some shoppers wanted shots of vodka, but the store told me not to serve them, so I didn't, though it will be interesting to see when I have my first alcohol related event where I actually do serve alcohol related drinks.

By the way, interested in buying vodka?  You can buy them at your local Safeway store (or similar grocery store).  Alternatively, many liquor stores have them.

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