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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last week's demo of the week: Amp

In case if you missed it: last week, I did a demo at the Lake Stevens' Safeway where I gave out samples of the Amp energy drink.  The drink is made by the same company as pepsi and comes in multiple different flavors.  Unlike Rockstar, it does not come with sugar free versions as far as I can tell, though it does have low calories and does seem to taste better and more refreshing.  Definitely a good drink to have if you need a boost of caffine and vitamin c.
Picture of me manning the demo cart at Safeway.  There was one sample left, but I added more

Picture of my Amp merchandising on the cart. 
Interestingly, a few months ago, I did a Kickstarter energy drink demo at Walmart.

Interested in buying the energy drink?  You can get them at Amazon at

or at your local grocery store or Walmart

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