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About me page

Hello, my name is Ryan Jones. I am 27 years old and am from Snohomish, WA.   I have been in the demo business since 2005, first through New Concepts in Marketing and now through Advantage Sales and Marketing.  I usually serve QFC and Albertsons stores (and have done the Walmart in Marysville on a few occasions).  I do this on a part time basis and have a few other part time jobs, including a part time sales associate position at Kohls in Snohomish as well as being a part time custodian at Snohomish Publishing.  I also do affiliate marketing on the side (where you post ads on a website or blog and earn ad revenue).  I hope to make this experience enjoy able for you and the aim with this blog is to build up an audience to market to with my demos through talking about the demos I do, share the products that I am assigned to promote each week, give you heads up on upcoming promotions (so you will know when and where I do demos in case if you want to come by and check it out), as well as get feedback from my readers about the demos I do and the like. 

Noteworthy Albertsons stores I serve:
The Clearview Albertsons in Snohomish, WA
The Monroe Albertsons
The Albertsons store near the Interstate 5/SR 529 interchange in Marysville
sometimes the Albertsons at the Frontier Villiage near Lake Stevens.

Noteworthy QFC stores I have served:
- Various QFC stores around north seattle
- The new Wallingford QFC near the University District (was selling the green genius trash bags)
- The Richmond Beach QFC store
- The Stanwood store
- The one in the University Villiage in the U Village (was helping with a calander signing event put on by Jamie Moyer, who was one of the Mariners baseball players)
- and several others.

Other links of mine:
http://www.xboxfreak.ws/ - this is an Xbox 360 fan site I made and is a community based site where people can share their experiences with the Xbox 360, post game reviews, share game play videos, etc.

http://www.snohomish-ebook-store.net/ - It is an affiliate store website that offers a huge collection of ebooks and similar products.  It is mostly information products.  For example, if you were looking for information on dog training, you would find ebooks written by various experts on dogs.  Or maybe you are looking up a strategy guide for say World of War Craft, you would find it there.  The list goes on, but it serves a huge array of topics.
www.website.ws/ryansjones - Yes I am a part of Global Domains International's 5 tier affiliate program.  GDI is technically a multilevel marketing company (it's more of a web hosting company than a typical mlm) that offers affordable web hosting plans (selling for as low as $10 per month and includes a domain name, web hosting, etc).  Can be useful for people looking to make a good business, personal or affiliate website on a low budget as wells as for people looking to make a little extra cash online by promoting GDI's services (they pay 10% monthly commissions for every customer you and your downline refers to GDI along with bonuses for high converting affiliates).
www.twitter.com/ryansjones -follow me on twitter
www.facebook.com/ryansjones- join my network on facebook
www.myspace.com/ryansaundersjones - this is my myspace account
http://viralnetworks.com/profile/uid/5787/Ryan_Jones.html - this is my Viral Networks account (btw, you are welcome to join my network there at http://viralnetworks.com/a/5787 (sign up is free by the way, with upgrade options for more features).  It is one of two business social networking sites I use.
http://social.peoplestring.com/ryansjones/ - this is another social networking site I use.  You can join my network there at http://www.peoplestring.com/?f=ryansjones (sign up is free by the way).  Both sites have ad revenue sharing programs by the way when you meet certain requirements.  So if you want a little extra cash, you are welcome to take advantage of it.
http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/ryansjo7 - check out my lenses on squidoo
http://hubpages.com/profile/ryansjones - check out my profile page on hub pages.

(by the way, be sure to visit my blogger profile page for links to my other blogs).  Want to add to this blog?  I would be happy to add you as an author.  PM me if you are interested.
(more info will be added over time)