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Looking for product reviews?  I get the links for them here.  Submitted reviews are welcome too (email them to me at ryansjones@hotmail.com) and I will post them.

Here are the latest honest reviews from select products that I have promoted in stores.  Note: these reviews are completely unbiased and are based on my experience with them.  Obviously, these reviews are based on my own opinion about the products and you are free to agree or disagree with me on them.  By the way, you are welcome to contribute to the posts in the comments section by adding your own reviews and comments about the products there.  By the way, each of the products do have referral links to respective pages at Amazon.com and Walmart (affiliates of mine), and you are welcome to click on the links and buy the products you want.  Note: the prices are set by the affiliates themselfs and I presume they are all in perfect condition (it is not my job to keep the products in perfect condition, do shipping and handling or handle returns).  By the way, do you have products you want to add reviews for (note: they must be retail products)?  Be sure to let me know and I will post it here. 

Featured Product reviews (these links will take you directly to the post I made for that product):
1) Mio Flavored Water - are you tired of drinking plain water?  Mio is a low calorie syrup that you can add to your water and make it taste more like juice and comes in several different flavors.
2) Coca Cola Fuze - this is is Coca Cola's answer to Snapple (similar taste and flavors)
3) Starbucks Via Ready Brew - Starbucks has finally entered in the instant coffee business and is Starbucks' answer to Foldiers Instant Coffee.  Get the official review here.
4) Keurig Coffee Maker - The keurig coffee maker is a popular new alternative to traditional coffee makers and brews strong fresh tully's coffee (or other participating brands) right into your coffee mug.  Get the scoop here.
5) Bailey's Coffee Creamers - Do you like flavored coffee or espresso drinks?  Get the scoop on Bailey's Coffee Creamers (the non alcholic versions).
(more will be added over time)

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