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Looking to shop online?  Want to learn about all of the special offers and deals that various retailers are offering? 
Here at the Retailer Ads page, I will share with you all of the promotions going on at all of the retailers I am an affiliate of (such as Walmart, Amazon, Compusa, etc).  BTW, I joined all of these programs through Linkshare, which is a huge affiliate network that hosts affiliate programs for a variety of retailers (such as Walmart), and in this page, I will post the referral links to the retailers I am an affiliate of and showcase the latest demos they are offering.  Note: I do have an extensive list of retailers I am an affiliate of, so I will add more affiliates to this list as I go along.

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Here is the full list - note: this list does not have every single ad these advertisers have for me to display (this list would be HUGE if I listed them all).  If you want a complete list of all of the offers and promotions a particular retailer is offering, be sure to email me at ryansjones@hotmail.com and I would be happy to send you an exhaustive list for the retailer you want more info about.

Cafe Britt - looking for online coffee shops (like Starbucks)?  One website I recommend is Cafe Britt.  The company is based in South America and sells authentic Costa Rica style coffee.   Can be a good site to check out if you are looking for exotic gourmet coffee.


100% Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee

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Compusa - this mega retailer has a huge selection of electronics, computers, camcorders, TV's, office equipment, phones, and plenty of other gadgets (almost like Fry's Electronics).  If you are looking for electronic goods, games, computers, etc, please be sure to visit Compusa as they just might have a good deal for what you are looking for.

CompUSA Best sellers

Walmart - this is another mega retailer you would probably like (almost like Amazon.com).  By the way, I do some of my demos at Walmart Stores (not always), so if you want more information about the products I am promoting at Walmart, you can always check them out at their website.  This can especially be useful for finding items you can't find in the stores.  Huge array of merchandise to choose from too, including electronics, office supplies, phones, grocery items, seaonal (currently, they are selling Haloween related stuff, such as costumes), fabrics, and plenty of other goods you might find in a typical Walmart store.  By the way, if you are looking to buy video games, Walmart is for you (it is not exactly Game Stop, but it is definately a good place to look).

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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(email me for a full list of ads Walmart has)

Dollar Days - looking for wholesale items online?  Dollar Days is for you, it is an online store that sells a wide variety of goods for relatively lower prices than you would find elsewhere.  Dollar Days also comes with several business opportunities, including the "dropship" service they have to offer (where you can buy items and resell them on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc) online storefronts you can run and earn money selling their items, as well as other goodies.  They have plenty of resources for creating whatever kind of store front you want to start, be it a Halloween themed store, a hardware store, furniture store, or whatever you want.  Click on the links below for more info about Dollar Days and what the company has to offer.



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Petsmart - do you have a dog, cat or similar pet?  There are plenty of retailers online where you can find pet supplies and one site you should not overlook is Pet Smart.  Like the offline retailers, Pet Smart has a good sized collection of pet supplies, dog food, vitamins, and other stuff for dogs/cats and other animals.  By the way, in case if you are looking to adopt pets (such as dogs and cats), they have partnered up with the Pet Finder network (which is a website you can use to find dogs and cats available for adoption).  For example, when the time comes for me to pursue getting a siberian husky (which I probably will do someday), I would probably use Pet Finder to find siberian huskies up for adoption in my area.

PetSmart - Cat

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Diamonds International - looking to buy jewelry online?  Diamonds Internationals can be right up your alley.  They have a good sized collection of rings, watches, necklaces, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry to suit your needs.  By the way, I used to be a part of several other jeweler affiliate programs, including "Since 1910") and a few others, but they expired due to the lack of interest (most retailer affiliate programs are time sensitive by the way, which means if nobody buys from them, then they will end their program after a while, so if you see things you want, please don't hesitate to shop)

Diamonds International

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eSports Online - looking for a good sporting goods store online?  Be sure to check out eSports.  They have plenty of sports/fitness related items for sale, including football gear (considering that it is Fall), weight lifting equipment, treadmills (saves you from having to go to the local gym, such as your local YMCA each time you want to work out), foosball tables, pool tables, and other related items.  For more info about eSports Online, please be sure to click on the links below (will redirect you to the eSports Online website)

eSportsonline Outlet - Save 50% + on Most Items + Free Shipping - While Supplies Last!

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Smart Home - looking for gadgets for your home, be it alarm systems, clocks, hardware, etc?  Smart is a home improvement online retailer that sells just about anything you need for your home (at least electronic equipment, such as alarm systems, clocks, phones, and other automated systems).  If  you want to shop at Smart Home, please be sure to visit the links below.

Smarthome, Inc.
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Toshiba Direct - looking to get a laptop computer or computer-related equipment, Toshiba direct is the place to go.  Having a laptop can be a good alternative to having one of those big, bulky desktop PCs that you can also buy if you want.  By the way, having a laptop is a must have if you are in college (especially if you are living on campus), many office positions, as well as if you are doing internet marketing (for example, if you want to surf the internet while at Starbucks).  Plenty of computers to choose from.  They also have non-computer items as well, such as Iphones, Ipads, as well as screen projecters you can use.   If you are looking to buy a laptop or related item any time soon, please be sure to visit Toshiba Direct by visiting the links below.  By the way, personally I like the Toshiba laptops more than the Dell ones (in my experience) as they tend to look more professional, and plus I find they are far less seceptible to problems like overheating (which was a common problem I had with the Dell computer, which often shut down on its own from overheating), at least the model I have of course.


Toshiba - Toshibadirect.com

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Big Als Aquarium Services - thinking about having your own "aquarium" any time soon?  Big Als has everything you need, including fish tanks, fish food, and other items needed for having your own fish tank.  It appears they also offer live goods too.  For more more info about Big Al's you can visit their website by clicking on the links below.  By the way, they also general pet supplies as well.


Get FREE Shipping on all orders over $75 from BigAlsOnline.com!

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Office Depot - this site is similar to Compusa.  If you need office supplies, computers, software, etc, then office depot is for you.  Please be sure to visit their website below if you are looking to shop at their website

Office Depot, Inc

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Note: more advertisers will be added over time

Disclaimer: all of these ads were given to me from the retailers themselves via the Linkshare affiliate network.  If any of these ads are not accurate, feel free to email me and I will remove them.  Also, the banners are created and maintain by the advertiser(s) themselves and I have no control over them whatsoever. 

Disclosure: I am hosting these ads as an affiliate of the companies above and I don't officially work for them.  I don't have any control over their pricings, shipping/returns policies or other operations (my main job is to host their ads and help promote their products and services). 

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