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Submit an event

Are there events coming up you want to share?  Are you doing demos or food sampling events you want my readers to know about?  Are there festivals in your city coming up you want me to post?  This is the page to do so.  Eventually, I plan to post a form here, but for now you can email me at ryansjones@hotmail.com with "event" in your subject line (makes it easier to identify your email).

Need some ideas on events to share?  Here are some ideas:
- webinars
- Food sampling events (for example, if you have a food sampling event going on at Costco you want my readers to know about, I would be happy to share them here).
- Trade shows
- Fairs (such as art fairs)
- Public events
- gatherings
- church gatherings and conferences
- Haunted houses (such as around Halloween)
- New website launches
- Celebrity events (such as calendar autographing)
- or whatever

I will add some restrictions though:

- no gay pride parades
- no hate events
- no hazing events
- no illegal events
- No private events, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, family trips, etc (unless if you want random people showing up of course)